Sail the Park

Best sailing in New York City

Here are the answers to some of the questions we are asked the most.

Can I make a reservation for a boat?
No reservations are needed, or taken, for the boats. They are strictly first come, first served. Be aware that sometimes, particularly on the weekend, we have a waiting list.

Can I have a sailing party?
Yes, just contact us for more information.

Do I need to know how to sail to control the boats?
While sailing knowledge helps, it is not necessary. For beginning sailors, we will teach you the basics.

What is the minimum age for sailing?
The child needs to be old enough to carefully hold and use the remote control.

What type of engines do the boats have?
None! They run on wind power alone. Actually, powered boats are not allowed at the Conservatory Water.

If the boats run on wind power, what do we control?
Using the remote, you control the trim of the sail and the direction of the rudder.

Can I purchase gift certificates for my friends and family?
Yes, we have gift certificates available on site.

What is the price for a boat rental?
It is $11, plus tax, for a 30 minute rental.

Are you open when it’s raining?
Unfortunately, we are not.

Do you have weekly boat races?
The Central Park Model Yacht Club members race each Saturday morning. Come see how the masters do it!
(we are not a part of the CPMYC and are not able to answer any questions about them.)